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We believe that disadvantaged communities will best flourish when they have access to affordable clean energy, free education, open and secure communication and new opportunities for work.


In addition, we believe that this prosperity can be achieved the fastest, when companies use their resources to purchase and donate our sustainable lighting solutions and Wi-Fi solutions to these communities.


This way we help to unlock new communities, help companies to accelerate the development of disadvantaged communities and can we roll out new business models, so-called: "Community Business Models", in favor of the local communities. This together is what we call our: "Community Development System".


Through our collaboration with Liter of Light we are able to bundle the light activities of Liter of Light with the wifi activities of our company, Aluna, into a community development package. Because we believe communities thrive better personally, professionally and economically by having access to affordable clean energy, free education, open communication and new employment opportunities.

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What we do

Building and installing with the locol population the Com-munity Development Packa-ges, - which have been donated by companies and which consists of: solar home lanterns, solar street lights and solar wifi boxes, - in disadvantaged communities in emerging countries. This means we will train several groups of 5 woman each per project based on the Muhammed Yunus Methodology. During this training we will teach them how to build, implement, maintain and how to create an income with these solar home lanterns, solar street lights and solar wifi boxes. The latter will create a solar wifi-network.

What we do

Once the wifi network has been implemented, the community will have access to the Aluna platform through their mobile devices. Via the Aluna platform users will have access to offline apps and content, like: educational apps, healthcare apps, agriculture apps, literature content, entertainment content (video's, books and music for adults and children), local video and music sharing platform (à la YOUTUBE), Aluna Social (social network site à la Facebook), making money apps and newsfeeds.

What we do

Furthermore we will also do community engagement. Where we make the community familiar with the Aluna platform, its content and how they can benefit from it on a personal and professional level. Lastly we will continuously update the content on the platform as well publicizing continuously reports about the created social impact of the project.

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How we do it

We will start by selecting a community in an existing Liter of Light project, which is really in need of solar lighting and a solar wifi network. This way we ensure ourselves to create the highest social impact outcome for our stakeholders.

How we do it

Once we have inspected the area where and how to place the home lanterns, street lights and wifi boxes. We are able to calculate how many lighting- and wifi-solutions they need, what the total costs will be of the project, how many groups of woman we need to train and to calculate an estimation of the social impact we will create.

How we do it

To fund a project, we will sell community development packages with our lighting- and wifi-network-solutions to companies. By purchasing these packages by companies, they donate the purchased lighting solutions and/or wifi solutions to the community. By doing so they enlight a small part of the project and/or provide a wifi-network to a small part of the community. Which gives the community access to affordable clean energy, free education, open and secure communication and new opportunities for work.

Why should your organisation purchase our Community Development Packages?

Maybe this big list of benefits for your organisation will help!

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Meet the team of Liter of Light Aluna

Liter of Light Aluna is a collaboration between Liter of Light and Aluna and these people make our team great!

Jonathan Bouman (31)


Has significant start-up experience; as a lead developer he was responsible for large e-Commerce websites. Works now as a recognized security researcher for large brands.

Jacinto Veldhoen (30)

Designer & Strategy

is from origin a brilliant artist. Which brings his full skill-set into Liter of Light Aluna. This has been started with the concept and the design of the solar wifi boxes, the solar street lights and the solar home lanterns to the design of the website and the branding of Liter of Light Aluna. Jacinto is one of the founders of Flying Innovators. From where Aluna and Liter of Light Aluna was borned.

Frank Hakkenbroek (33)

Legal, Sales and Strategy

has six years of work-experienced by Ernst & Young as a tax consultant. He has developed himself a tax-risk management & controlling system to automate tax activities of tax specialists into taxsoftware. But decided later in his career to use his talents, time and skills for the bottom-billion. Frank is the one who came up with the solar wifi-boxes and is one of the founders of Flying Innovators. From where Aluna and Liter of Light Aluna was borned.

Hans Schulp (53)

Investor, Mentor, financials, Sales and Strategy

is a succesfull entrepeneur. A few years ago he has sold 12 of his companies and has now decided to start a new adventure. Hans is next to our investor, above all, our mentor. Due to his 30 years of experience as entrepeneur he knows how to scale up our start-up into a scale up company. Hans is responsible for the financials as well for the sales together with Frank. We are very lucky to have him on board.

Robin Roosdorp (24)

Social Media Strategist, Social Media Analyst and Social Media Manager

Robin is the youngest in our team. But her age does not say anything about her social media experience. That is why The Next Web (TNW) has given Robin in the beginning of this year a place within the T500 in digital. This makes Robin one of the 500 most influential young people in the social media landscape in the Netherlands. Together with Nadin, Robin will be responsible for the social media strategy, the analysis and its execution. Robin and Nadin together will form our strong social media team.

Nadin van de Rest (30)

Social Media Strategist, Social Media Analyst and Social Media Manager

Is an experienced Online Marketing Specialist skilled in Branding, SEO, and above all Social Media Marketing and Content Strategy. Nadin believes (online) marketing always starts with getting your story straight. Turning a good story into a great content strategy is what she does best and she loves working at the intersection of strategy and creativity. Strong campaign and project management skills is where she excellerates.

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